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A coffee to go, a beer to get in the mood, and off you go!

Bar Before.
The place where the magic starts. Relax, have a drink, and chat with a stranger. Get in the mood to go out and explore – The Hague is an incredible city. We'll grab a napkin and sketch something out for you. Dinner, drinks, an exposition, or a local band performing; we know where you need to be!


Where the magic starts! Relax, have a drink, and let stangers become friends.  


The space in the middle. Plan your next trip, chat to our staff or just unwind with a book and a tea. Our space is yours!


Right next to our bar, we’ve got the perfect space to grab your laptop and a cappucino to get some work done.
Do something today that [your future] self will [thank] you for!

You don't need a reservation to visit our bar!

Special occasions?
Plan your event with us!

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