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Meet our local friends

Oh oh Den Haag!
Let our local knowledge guide you! We have prepared a few examples of wonderdful things to do year-round in our lovely city . Make sure to have a chat with our reception staff, so we can help you even better making your time in The Hague unforgettable!

Bikepacking Holland

Pump up the wheels, strap on the pack and let's ride! Book your trip via the Bikepacking network and enjoy great discounts.
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Art Museums

Like Piet Mondrian? Rembrandt? Escher? The Hague is full of amazing culture and has a beautiful range of great museums. Come visit!
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If you have the time, you don’t want to miss Madurodam. It’s the already pretty tiny Netherlands, even tinier!
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If you already thought The Hague could not get better, wait until you see this: the beach of Scheveningen
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Grote Markt

The Grote Markt, or big market, is where you can truly live the Dutch culture of ‘terrassen’: sit outside, eat & drink and meet new people.
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Het Paard

Originating in the ’70s, het Paard famously had house dealers to get pot while you listened to your favorite music.
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