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Frequently given answers!

Frequently given answers!
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Frequently asked Questions
There is a lot to know about us! We have tried to answer some of the questions we often answer. Let us know if you need any more info!
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Free WiFi & work space

We don't charge you anything for your connection with the world wide web, just try to keep it sane. Right next to our bar, we’ve got the perfect space to grab your laptop and get some work done before you explore the city. With tons of natural light, a nice view on the lively street and some great coffee within reach, we will not keep you from your work.


After a long day of traveling, working or walking around, sometimes you just want to plop yourself down and unwind watching your favorite movie or show. Let us take that to the next level with our own private cinema! Connect your laptop, log in to your Netflix on the smart TV and lounge on the comfiest cinema chairs!


We have a real kitchen, it's fully equipped and waiting for you to show off your skills on the pots and pans! Just make sure you leave it the way you found it.

Front office employee

Do you love people?

As a front office employee, you are the first person our guests see when they arrive. We are looking for someone who immediately senses what the guests need - a chat, a cup of coffee, or if they want to get to the room straight away. Preferably you already have some experience in hospitality or catering, because we expect you to work quite independently. Speaking English is a must; our guests and employees come from all over the world.We offer you a good salary while you work in a young, diverse, and close-knit team. Will & Tate is a small-scale city stay where you still find everything: from dorms with backpackers to business travelers in luxury suites. No day is the same here!


Our interns have always made a huge difference in our team. Learn how to run the daily business of a hotel! We believe in learning by doing, so here are some of the responsibilities we love to share with our interns:

Help our guests not only with what they need at the city stay, but really help them to get to know The Hague! You're responsible for the bar: making coffee, talking to the guests, tap beers. Be part of our close, international team! Drinks at our place are cheap for you ;) we offer a reasonable internship compensation and if all goes well, we'll hire you!

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John Doe

The world is constantly evolving, and so are we. Every day, we encounter new challenges and opportunities that shape who we are. It's up to us to embrace change.
Chef du maison

Niek Taat

The world is constantly evolving, and so are we. Every day, we encounter new challenges and opportunities that shape who we are. It's up to us to embrace change.

Willem Wernink

The world is constantly evolving, and so are we. Every day, we encounter new challenges and opportunities that shape who we are. It's up to us to embrace change.

Is there a city tax?

Yes, the city tax is set by the municipality of The Hague. The cost is €5,35 per person / per night in 2023. We will ask you to pay this at check in.

Is Will & Tate open 24 hours a day?

No, we close at night! At check-in you will receive a key card for your room and the hotel entrance. With this card you will have 24-hour access to the hotel during your stay with us.

When can I check in?

Check-in is open daily from 15:00 until 22:00. You can find the Will & Tate reception in Prinsegracht 51 via the right door.

Can I park at Will & Tate?

We have limited car parking spaces available for rent at the hotel. If you would like to reserve a spot, please let us know via the note function when you make a booking. For further information about parking in The Hague, please see www.denhaag.nl/en/parking.htm Bicycle and motorbike parking is possible in our courtyard.

Is there free Wi-Fi in my room?

Yes, we offer free and fast Wi-Fi for all our guests.

Is breakfast included?

We do not serve any food at Will & Tate. We can of course offer our best recommendations for places to eat out in the city.

Does Will & Tate have a bar?

Good news, we have a fully equipped bar! In the mornings, let our staff help you out with some coffee after a long night of experiencing The Hague. Later on we serve cocktails, spirits and even our own house beer.

Is there a TV in my room?

No, there are no TV’s in our rooms. We do have solid WiFi, and feel invited to use our cinema room.

Are we close to the beach?

Will & Tate is located in the historic city centre of The Hague. The beach is a hour walk, 15 min. bike ride or 20 mins. by public transport. Our staff is always happy to assist with directions, recommendations, or any other advice. Just come in and ask!

Is there an elevator in the building?

Unfortunately, we have no elevator in our building. You will have to climb at least some stairs to get to all rooms and the reception! As we are located in a centuries old monumental building, we cannot install an elevator.

Is Will & Tate wheelchair accessible and barrier free?

Unfortunately not. Due to the the characteristic building being a national monument, the access cannot be changed to accommodate wheelchairs. The main entrance is up a small flight of stairs. There is no elevator in the building as well. Of course everyone is welcome to stay with us, but we do think it's fair to mention that unfortunately the building is not barrier free.

Will & Tate City Stay: [Your key] to The Hague!

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